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Acolyte Service

An acolyte (from the Greek akolouthos, "follower") is someone who assists in the liturgical offices of the Church. Also referred to as "altar servers", acolytes help the clergy conduct the services, by carrying candles and processional crosses and fans, preparing and handling the incense burner, attending to the holy chalice during Communion, and in many other ways.

In the Orthodox Christian tradition, acolytes are males. However, simply being male does not qualify one to serve in the sanctuary (the holy altar). An acolyte must live a life reflecting the sanctity and seriousness of the service he renders to the Lord and to his Church. While we welcome the interest of men, and of the parents of boys, regarding the potential to serve in this capacity, it is ultimately for the clergy to grant the blessing for one to do so.

We take safety and proper conduct very seriously. All adults working with youth must consent to a background check and youth protection training.


To learn more about the Acolyte Ministry of our parish or to inquire about joining, please contact our church office.

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