St. Nektarios Church
Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Atlanta
5108 Kuykendall Rd. Charlotte, NC 28270
Parish Governance

Parish Leadership

St. Nektarios strives to truly be a ministry-centered church, which is bound to the non-negotiable mission established by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ to 

“Go therefore and make disciples of ALL nations.”

The leadership opportunities within the parish not only include serving as a member of Parish Council but, leadership positions within the ministry structure of our parish, and other committees established in the course of the life of the church. We look to our leaders to reflect on where we have been, where we are today, and where we need to go as a vibrant parish. Our road map is our Mission and Vision Statements and our Defined Strategic Directions (see back panel). Strong leadership skills are necessary to direct the parish into the future. Parish Members are encouraged to become active in the life of the church as volunteers at any level of responsibility.

Parish Council

The Parish Council is comprised of 11 individuals seeking to serve God through being servant-leaders to our Priests, our ministries, and our community. While Parish Council members are diverse in age, length of membership, skills, level of financial giving, and interests, all members share a joy of working together in furthering the ministries and building a Christ-centered parish of faith and love. As servant leaders, they are key participants in setting the future direction of the community and maintaining the principles of our Mission and Vision.


Duties and responsibilities of Council members range from ensuring the good governance of the community, discussing long range plans, reviewing monthly financials, interacting with staff, helping with church-wide events such as Community Fun Day and the Pasha Celebration, to promoting strong ministry programs and activities. They strive to connect with our parishioners, greeting and ushering during worship services and building our church family relationships.

2021 Parish Council

President: Christina Bonderer
Vice President: Despina Gallis
Assistant Treasurer: Aka Vashakidze
Secretary: Nadine Rosekrans
Assistant Secretary: Mike Burgan
     George Bacogeorge
     Elissa Bahanovich
     Charlie Hubbard
     Nadia Francis
     Doug Sistare
     Dimitri Triantafyllides

Ministry Departments - Directors and Team Leaders

Through our ministry structure, our various Ministry Departments Directors and their team leaders have ownership to accomplish their goals and objectives that are in keeping with our Mission. They develop ways to serve others within and beyond St. Nektarios.

We see our clergy as a resource and spiritual father to the ministries with the Parish Council providing material support and leadership, equipping our ministries. Our ministries flourish giving birth to sub-ministries and new ministries. With each new ministry or sub-ministry, a new leadership position is created. This allows even more people to become intimately involved in the direction of parish life and feel ownership in the community, which in turn creates an excitement and a desire to continue our Lord’s ministry through St. Nektarios.

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